Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Live From Jail 14 Days

Lindsay Lohan Live From Jail 14 Days. Actress Lindsay Lohan began serving a 90-day jail sentence Tuesday but the troubled Hollywood starlet was soon cut to be 14 days.
A spokesman for the Sheriff Department (Police) Regional Los Angeles Steve Whitmore explained to the press, that Lohan was "cooperative" is inserted into the Lynwood correctional facility shortly after 10:00 pm Tuesday (midnight GMT Wednesday).
Shortly after Lohan wearing prison clothes and thrown into his cell measuring nine feet square, Whitmore explains penalty will be reduced so the actress had to stay 14 days, with release set on August 2.
Lohan, 24, was brought in without comment to a Beverly Hills courtroom, where he digari and then digelandang to Lynwood to begin her sentence for violating probation terms associated with drunk driving cases in 2007.
A number of police cars chasing a TV helicopter that brought the actress and model, who wore jeans and a black leather jacket, before he finally disappeared through the gate LP facility in Lynwood, a suburb south of Los Angeles.
Large crowd of media and supporters were also seen in the court where Lohan had appeared before Judge Marsha Revel to report himself ready to go to jail.
He was accompanied by her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, rather than lawyer Robert Shapiro stars as originally suspected. "We love you Lindsay!" shouted her father Michael Lohan. A fan of Lohan wearing shirts with pictures and writing "Linnocent." Others threw confetti (colored scrap paper) on the road in its path.
Revel just need a little time to complete the formality that confirmed the 90-day sentence he was then dropped on July 6 for violating probation rules made Lohan

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